It all started with a move from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area to the sweltering, but fabulous, Dallas, Texas.  At the time, designer Sarah Speck was commuting between the two cities for her job in the footwear industry.  On a (very early!) flight one morning, she realized that this relocation, although tough to leave, especially considering the proximity to wine country, was also an opportunity to start anew. 

Not only that, but Sarah had become energized by Dallas’ bold aesthetic, warm and welcoming attitude, and thriving fashion culture.  Wanting to combine the charisma and charm of her new southern locale, with the elegance and glamour of the high-fashion labels she loves, Speck created Batch No. 8, a Dallas-based contemporary line that marries lively personality with refined sophistication.

Made from striking, luxurious fabrics, Batch No. 8 dresses and jumpsuits are characterized by modern-feminine silhouettes, polished style, and tailored fit. They’re classics, with unique detailing, pieces that quickly become closet favorites — the ones you put on to make a statement while discovering the latest restaurant or attending a weekend fête with friends

What does Batch No. 8 mean?  Designer Sarah Speck was inspired by the appeal of artisan small batch manufacturing in the spirits industry.  As for the number 8, it’s a lucky one, of course, and also happens to be the number of styles in her debut collection.